Pisces Moon: Understanding Emotions and Sensitivity in Astrology

Pisces Moon: Understanding Emotions and Sensitivity in Astrology

The Pisces moon is an enigma for some since it is associated with the ethereal. The Pisces moon is known for being dreamy or escapist, and though that could be true, there is much more depth to the Pisces moon person.

The Pisces moon is interdimensional. A person with a Pisces moon can feel and often see two or more dimensions simultaneously. They may be able to feel, see, hear, smell, or sense loved ones who have passed away. They pick up on symbolism, quickly noticing signs in numbers, nature, and synchronicities.

As a young child, the Pisces moon person may be able to leave their body at will and project themselves into another space or realm. They will be known as quirky or awkward and may live in what appears to be a fantasy world. The truth is that they are connected to the unseen and interact with what others cannot detect. This is one of the reasons why they are known for escapism, but in their youth, they have not yet been conditioned to societal rules and haven’t yet cut the focus of the multi-dimensions. Some Pisces moon children can see auras, relatives who had left earth before the Pisces moon person was born, and dynamics in relationships of the people around them. They may get accused of eavesdropping or spying since they can enter a room and know the conversation before entering.

As a Pisces moon child expresses their observations, they quickly learn this is not the norm. They may feel like most people on Earth are unreal because they cannot live in multiplicity within alternate planes. To not be considered an annoyance, the Pisces moon child will eventually learn to align themselves with the expectations of their parents and those around them, grounding themselves into the Earthly plane. However, they are never completely disconnected from the other dimensions. Some may get labeled as one with mental disorders; others may learn how to compartmentalize and separate out the Earthly experience from everything else they sense.

The energy around a Pisces moon person is paramount to their mental well-being. Optimism is vital for their growth since they are hyperaware of their surroundings. Under discordance energy, a Pisces moon may get obsessed with the darker themes of life, and due to their psychic abilities, they may be able to see the crimes of humanity as a first-hand experience. It is best for those with a Pisces moon not to watch crime shows or the nightly news because they can tap into the victim’s energy, feeling the fear and pain. They may see the perpetrator of the violent act from the victim’s viewpoint. To rectify this, a Pisces moon person may escape with alcohol or drugs or take comfort in food, sheltering recreation, or some other less damaging form of disassociation.  It is not that they want to escape from the day-to-day life that most people experience. They must shift away from the dark underbelly because a Pisces moon person is acutely aware of that energy. Escapism for them is survival, not a shrug of duty. Though a Pisces moon person could be great at solving crimes, they would do so by sacrificing their mental well-being. They should refrain unless they have a lot of air and earth in their chart and a support system that could help heal them as they do this work. They may feel guilty knowing they could be of service, but a Pisces moon needs to learn that better ways exist to serve the greater good.  


A Pisces moon person never completely disconnects from a multi-dimensional existence. They are the great “feelers.” There’s a good chance that if you meet someone who has been a vegan or animal rights activist, they could have a Pisces moon, such as with Alicia Silverstone, James Cameron, and Moby. Though they may enjoy the health benefits of eating plants over animals, the motivation comes down to not wanting to be part of suffering. (As a Pisces moon myself, when I became a vegan, it was because I knew that by eating animals, I absorbed their fear and pain and could not rationalize being part of the process.) A Pisces moon knows that existence goes beyond the physical and that all creatures have souls and emotions and are connected to the whole.  They don’t have to watch videos of animal suffering to know the experience because they immediately feel the pain. Pisces moon people can empathize deeply. This is their strength.

A Pisces moon person operates best using intuition and empathy in large-scale service. Instead of being myopic and helping one person or one animal, they do best in helping with causes. This doesn’t mean that they won’t lend assistance to an individual. Still, their impact is felt more when they act on a grander scale, be it through disseminating information, donating resources, meditation, activism, creating centers of rescue and relief, building cultural and spiritual bridges, promoting a person or organization, and leading by example.

Because every realm of existence is open to a Pisces moon person, they can easily open doors to the nefarious. Instead of acting from a motive of love, peace, bliss, or joy, a Pisces moon person could spiral into or merge existences that do not serve the purpose of healing, growth, or the greater good. Narcissism could reign because their astute insights are led astray with ego, or a Pisces moon person may attract those who feed off their empathy, causing a soul imbalance. This imbalance can lead to mental illness, delusions of grandeur, the forcefulness of will, and a superiority complex. They can easily delude themselves, picking pieces of different paths and choosing what self-services them. They can become zealots, alienating others and feeding off the energy of those who follow. Spiraling out of control, they can easily create a world that makes sense of the chaos in their own head, making it difficult to reach them. Someone with a Pisces moon needs a check and balance system. They need to lean into any of their planet and house placements that offer discernment and analysis. Their psychic skills do not prevent them from self-harm, and if someone with a Pisces moon has harsh aspects, they should have a therapist, a sound counselor, or someone who can help them to dissect information and offer a counter viewpoint.

However, they are masters of metaphysics; what they dream uploads to the universal consciousness for others to explore and bring to fruition. A Pisces moon person can help manifest a more humane world simply by thinking, feeling, and expressing their vision to others. Pisces moon people have connections to all that is, and because of this, they know that peace, harmony, and prosperity can exist simultaneously and that each soul can act in unison for the wellness of the whole. This means that they have access to Utopia. With their offbeat and quirky ideas, a Pisces moon person can see the tangled, gnarly roots causing discord, and they know intuitively how the collective can loosen the roots and create breath. When a Pisces moon says, “to fix this, you need to do this,” they are most likely correct because the Pisces moon can go beyond the apparent surface and see what is causing the issue. Yet, they are rarely listened to because their solutions will appear too extreme or unrealistic. The truth is that their answers would work, but they would bring about a massive shift in perspective that many can’t fathom.

Pisces moon people could give the blueprints for creating “heaven on Earth.” However, they are not the implementors of plans but instead are the visionaries. Hopefully, as Saturn moves into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius, society will start to listen to the wisdom brought forth, implement what was once considered implausible, and learn that nothing is impossible.


About the author: Theresa Touhey is a highly skilled psychic medium with a wealth of experience in the fields of metaphysics, yoga, and astrology. As the owner of Nature Reflections, a specialty store offering Angel Caller and Harmony Ball Jewelry, she brings her unique blend of knowledge and expertise to the world of spiritual wellness. Additionally, Theresa is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. Discover more about Theresa and her background by visiting her "about us" page.

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