About Grand Trine Astrology- Theresa Touhey


Ever since I could remember, I have been aware of two worlds, the ethereal and the physical plane. As a young child, I stumbled into Earth with the ability to sense things. I would walk into the dining room, where my mom and one of her neighbor friends were drinking coffee, smoking Benson & Hedges, and gossiping about the neighbors. Upon entry, I would see words floating in the air and ask what they meant. I was quickly accused of eavesdropping, even though I had just galloped down the stairs. Within a short time, after several more faux pas with my parents and other children, I kept my visions and messages to myself. I wanted peace and harmony; picking up on other people’s vibes wouldn’t create my desired environment.


Luckily, my parents were avid readers. I am not sure if it was my mother or father, but two books appeared in the bookcase that I read and reread several times. The first was Richard Bach’s Johnathan Livingston Seagull. It resonated with me since, with my speech impediment and awkwardness (most likely due to my Gemini North Node) that it was OK to do your own thing. But I must admit, that seagull was much more daring than I ever was, at least more daring among the other seagulls. Me? I just tried my best to blend in.


Then, there was the book Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I had to know why the people around me acted the way they did and why I sometimes felt I needed to be secretive. My parents and sister were fire signs; according to the book, they would get along well. Then there was me, the misunderstood little Scorpio with the big feelings. Little did I know then that my birth chart was heavy with water signs, but I had some fire too. But the book comforted me; it helped me understand why I felt different than the rest of the brood, and it awakened me to my strengths and my not-so-good qualities about me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the maturity (I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I read the book for the first time) to understand the polarities of any given trait. But from that point forward, I would ask people I knew their birthdates, and I would quickly calculate in my head what sun sign they were. This knowledge helped me to find some commonalities and understand people better.


By the time I was in college, I had learned that there was much more than the Sun Sign. I bought more books and tried teaching myself to cast a chart. This was pre-internet when you had to do the math and draw! I learned that I was a Cancer Rising with a Pisces Moon. I had the fiery sign of Sagittarius for my Mercury, Venus, and Mars. My Jupiter is in Cancer, and my Saturn is in Pisces. I was learning a little about the houses and aspects, but by then, when I was at the point to roll up my sleeves and dig in, I got married, started a business with my now ex-husband, and gave birth to my son. Though I knew I barely scraped the surface, Astrology took a back seat at the time.


My marriage lasted four years, well… we did try to make it work another year, but it wasn’t pretty. My interest in everything spiritual increased, and I studied meditation and Kundalini yoga. I read just about every new-age book that piqued my interest. And I tapped into my psychic awareness and intuitive gifts. I would do readings for acquaintances. There was a man I barely knew who worked in the store next to mine. I told him that he would soon reunite with a woman who had been his friend and that they would fall in love and get married. He looked at me, that same look my mother gave me when she thought I was eavesdropping. He swore I must have learned that his platonic friend was coming into town in two weeks to see him. I asked him if she had short brunette hair. He told me that she had just mentioned to him the night before that he would not recognize her because she had just cut off her long locks and now was sporting a hairstyle similar to Demi Moore in the movie Ghost. Within days of her arrival, the two of them became a couple, and less than a year later; they were engaged to be married.

 I’ve predicted quite a few couplings. In 2015, a male friend said he was ready to marry. I worked for a large fortune 500 company, seated in a building cubicle with approximately 600 office workers. My male friend worked for the same company but in a satellite office about 8 miles away. A woman, who sat about 3 or 4 cubes down from me, passed by me, and immediately, I saw her and my friend as a couple. I asked her if she were single, and she said yes. I told her about my friend, showed her a picture of him, and told her I could see them as a couple. Within 20 minutes, I had them both on our internal message system, introduced them, and then bowed out of the conversation so they could get to know each other. That weekend they went on their first date. They’ve been going strong for eight years.


If I am psychically in tuned, why would I turn to Astrology?


Astrology gives focus. Astrology is more than a vision; it is a playbook. Astrology can address many areas of a person’s life organized, systematic way. But what draws me to Astrology the most is our personal path. For instance, if you were to look at my chart, you could see I have a North Node in Gemini. Opposite the north node is the south node in Sagittarius. The south node tells me I have spent many lifetimes in solitary, spiritual pursuits.


Entering this life, I was an awkward child. I was clumsy. I would bump into walls and then go into a seizure, which was stressful for my mother. It was the pediatrician’s suggestion to enroll me in dance classes. I became a great dancer but struggled with bumping into things when walking. I also had a speech impediment because speaking did not come naturally to me. There is a plethora of words that I struggle with pronunciation. For me, being in solitude comes easy. BUT…. That is not what I should be doing in this lifetime. This is a lifetime for me to be with others, to be part of the collective, and to share the things I know and learned from past lives. Astrology gives me the tool to look inward quickly and methodically. It also helps me to help others see their past and how to take those experiences into the now. Astrology smacks me in the face, telling me where to spend my energy. This doesn’t mean that Astrology dictates how- that is where free will comes in. But it tells me where I will find the most soul satisfaction, such as writing and counseling others.


Beyond that, Astrology can give insight into more than our life’s path. With it, you can learn about your natural talents, the dynamics of your relationships, the area of life that needs healing, and the part of your life where you can shine. And this is just the surface stuff. Astrology is a never-ending exploration of the soul and how it expresses itself in this lifetime.


Though I have been studying Astrology on and off throughout my life, it has only been in the past couple of years that I got serious about it. I have successfully completed the introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses with professional astrologer Evan Nathaniel Grimm and have taken other courses through him. I continue my Astrology studies, focusing on interpersonal and psychological astrology.


Peace, love and light,

Theresa Touhey

Astrologer and Psychic Medium