Scheduling An Astrology Reading

In light of my relocation and the finalization of my parents' estate, I'll be offering a limited number of readings in 2023. If you're interested in a reading but the available times don't align with your schedule, please reach out to me at

I anticipate settling into my new residence by early 2024. Once settled, I'll be expanding the availability for natal chart readings.

It's About Your Soul, Your Life and Your Purpose

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Why Grand Trine Astrology?

Looking for insightful and accurate astrology readings? Look no further than Grand Trine Astrology, owned and operated by Theresa Touhey, a gifted psychic medium with years of experience in all things metaphysical and spiritual. Theresa's expertise in astrology is unparalleled, as she possesses a unique gift of receiving pre-life visions, enabling her to provide detailed insights into the possibilities that lie ahead in your physical world. Trust Theresa to guide you on your spiritual journey and unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

Book an appointment with Theresa of Grand Trine Astrology today.

Unlocking Your Blueprint: The Power of Your Natal (Birth) Chart in Astrology

Your natal chart is a powerful tool that reveals the blueprint of who you are, from your talents and lessons to your life path and more. While astrology cannot predict if you will win a million dollars, it can provide insight into the positive energy you have towards money. Your choices and free will are in your hands, but your chart can guide you towards the best outcome. Understanding the planets, signs, houses, and aspects in your chart can help you amplify your life and create the future you desire.

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