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1 Hour Solar Return Reading

1 Hour Solar Return Reading

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What is a Solar Return Reading?

A solar return chart reading is about when the sun returns to the natal position when you were born. (Since our 365-day year is not the exact completion of the sun's orbit, the date of your return chart can vary by 2 days.) The return chart will give you the themes of the upcoming year and help you solidify a plan going forward. It also makes a great birthday gift!

In your reading, I will show you things like:

  • What personal energy you will be approaching from your birthday to your next birthday
  • What life lessons are in store for you during the year
  • What is the area of life where you will shine
  • The areas of life where your emotions will be challenged and/or feel rewarding
  • Remember, this reading is just about one year and is not about who you are at your core, but instead, it is about the vibe of that year. 


Why should you get a reading?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about changing careers and are unsure if you have the talent to succeed. Or perhaps you struggle with family dynamics and want some clarity. Or, you may want to know more about yourself and get some validation.

Once you have this information, my goal is that you can take what you learn and use it to help you make decisions, heal or transform your life events.

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What Happens After You Book Your Reading

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